Show me how to love

It’s all about love


Loving and being love is what makes life worth living. Many people had passed a period in their lives when they felt they were not loved or that they had no one to love. If they continue living in such way, it will prompt them to live in completely depressed and unhappy. So many had lost their lives and others committed suicide due to negative emotions.
Love is the strength of life. It motivates people to get up whenever they stumbled and keep going.
With love, life has meaning and purpose.
Life without love is like life without air, learn how to live in love and also reduce yourself to love.
Love unconditionally : So many people love because of what they can get instead of what they can give, love is not all about giving but how much you care. There are no categories of people who you can love, of course so many people only shows love to people related to them, but I tell you this day to show love mostly to those who you knew not because that’s where your reward lies.
Make love part of your life and you will see how far you can go in life.


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