Nation of distinction

Nation of distinction is a nation consists of people without limitations.

Nation of distinction

Those living in the nation of distinction are indomitable, they’re the most strongest and successful in the world. Oh¡ you great nation of distinction, in you will i abide my mansion, in you will my foundation be led on. My future will get hold on you, i will never let my troubles stop me from building my home in you.
Humility is the key to this great nation. Humble yourself wherever you may find yourself, don’t underrate anyone, the beggar today might be the helper of tomorrow. Learn how to show some respect, bring down your shoulders because if everyone starts raising shoulders, you might not see a space to raise yours because there are so many great people out there who you can’t be equaled with.

Friends you make determines how far you will go in life, have you made a wrong selection of friends¿ There is always hope, tag  your wrong friends and your wrong decisions as things of your past and move on to choose good ones, they will widely spread their hands to welcome you, but most importantly, be wise in other not be be fooled once again. Learn from your mistakes and work very hard in other not to repeat your mistakes.

Finally, you are the caretaker of your life, the way you build and manage your life now determines where you are heading to, start making good decisions from today onward, i bet you, the sky will be your beginning. choose the nation of distinction today and make your world a better place….


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